Team USA Coach Kerr: ‘This guy (Anthony Edwards) is right up there at the top’

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The truth of the matter is that Minnesota Timberwolves’ 22-year-old All-Star shooting guard Anthony Edwards is far more to this team than an offensive juggernaut. Yes, he scores more each season in the NBA and is already outscoring fellow teammate, All-Star power forward Karl-Anthony Towns.

But when he got to the 2023 NBA Playoffs, the overdrive kicked in and he was averaging an NBA MVP pace at 31.6 points per game. That is just one small and phenomenal example of just how much more this young man has to offer the Minnesota Timberwolves and the NBA over the span of his career.

But his most powerful qualities on the basketball court may not be as offensive as you might think. In fact, Anthony Edwards has an entire array of incredible basketball skills to choose from.

This guy (Anthony Edwards) is right up there at the top

When Team USA Coach Steve Kerr, who is also the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, was given the opportunity to talk about Team USA, he did not hesitate to talk about just how well Anthony Edwards set the pace for his team by pressuring the basketball in the first five minutes of their latest victory over Team Jordan:

The funny thing is that he’s not wrong.

When it comes to Anthony Edwards, he can beat you in so many different ways. And it’s that arsenal of the assassin that he is that truly makes him such a uniquely dangerous opponent. He does not fear the spotlight or collapse under pressure. But he does not seek it out either.

He simply rises to whatever the occasion demands, and as the competition grows, so does his own stature. Until this point in time, I believe that far too many discounted just how universally competitive Anthony Edwards can be in a basketball game. But thanks to the 2023 FIBA World Cup competition, I think the secret is finally out.

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All I can say is: It’s about time.