Which Timberwolves roster additions have upgraded the bench?

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V: Leonard Miller

Rookie Leonard Miller possesses a jack-of-all-trades tool chest of utensils and appliances that can fix almost any problem that can spring up on the basketball court. The trouble is that the Minnesota Timberwolves coaching staff has to learn how to use each tool, which means plenty of trial-and-error this season.

Leonard Miller is a 19-year-old forward who currently stands 6-foot-11 and weighs a svelte 210 pounds. But he is still growing and could be as tall as 7-foot-2 and 235 pounds by the time he reaches the age of 22. The fun and intriguing skill set of this young man’s skillsets is the fact that before his growth spurt, he was a competent point guard.

Show me what you’ve got

As it now stands, Miller can plug and play at almost any position on the basketball court. He has the ball-handling chops and the velcro-like ability to stick to his opponent like a point guard. But on the other hand, he has the height and the ferocity to bang the boards and haul in rebounds like a center.  Best of all, he has the ability to score from and defend the perimeter like a prized 3-and-D player.

The trick is, which role will the Timberwolves need from him this season?  Where will the team find the minutes to develop this young man in so many different roles?

It’s clear that in terms of Swiss Army Knife talent, Leonard Miller checks all of the boxes. Yet, he is a young rookie and will need to develop up to the NBA level for each and every role. Beyond that, he will need to prove to his teammates and coaching staff that he deserves playing time.  I love his upside, but I fear he will simmer this season, rather than burst into the scene as an instant playmaker.