The dream starting 5 for Minnesota Timberwolves 5 years from now

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Starting at shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves: Anthony Edwards

Age in 2028: 27

Comparison: Dwayne Wade

The Minnesota Timberwolves will build their roster of the future around All-Star shooting guard Anthony Edwards. While that may mean many things for the Timberwolves and Edwards, it most certainly means plenty of post-season competition.

Among NBA players, there are typically two tracks to success. One track, the most popular, is the track to score points. It’s a measurable route that gets plenty of attention and helps pack the stands with fans. A lesser-known but equally effective track is to pursue strong defensive skills. While those talents are more difficult to measure, and therefore less detectable to fans, they are vital to any NBA team with hopes of winning in the NBA Playoffs.

Anthony Edwards is a bit of an NBA unicorn in that he excels at both.

That ability to deliver elite offense or defense is what makes him an ideal NBA MVP candidate this season. He continues to boost his points per game and is now within striking distance of scoring 30+ points at a clip. All the while, he is growing his defensive presence and is rivaling teammate Jaden McDaniels in that category as well.

Anthony Edwards is old-school tough and gritty at a time when NBA stars routinely are scheduled for rest days. It’s that mental toughness that has so many NBA analysts agreeing that Anthony Edwards is already an NBA superstar.  Now, he just needs to earn some NBA hardware for the Trophy Case to cement his legacy in NBA and Minnesota Timberwolves lore.