Minnesota Timberwolves depth chart nearly ready for 2023-24 NBA season

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

The Minnesota Timberwolves fans know that their team is ready to talk trades, but only if that discussion leads to improving the Timberwolves roster. And so far, almost all of the NBA Trade scenarios that involve the Timberwolves in some form or fashion simply do nothing to improve the team.

Unless, of course, you want to fool yourself into believing that sending away an NBA All-Star player at his peak for a couple of first-round NBA Draft picks, the equivalent of scratch ’em lottery tickets, is a fair exchange.  But for now, let’s presume that the Timberwolves roster is immune to tweaking, trades, or timely changes until we get some more evidence for this team.

Of course, there was a flurry of activity for the team right before the team entered training camp. Let’s recap what those moves are:

That’s a lot of last-minute activity.  But it’s time to sit down and summarize just how this all shakes out in terms of the Timberwolves roster, depth chart, and the 2023-24 NBA season.

So what does this nearly completed depth chart look like now?

Timberwolves depth chart

  • 5 Point guards:  Mike Conley Jr. | Shake Milton | Jordan McLaughlin | (Exh 10) Javonte Cooke | (Exh 10) Vit Krejci
  • PG Summary: The Minnesota Timberwolves have a solid stable of point guards who can facilitate, shoot from the perimeter, and defend the perimeter as well. The newest addition, 6-foot-8 195-pound point guard Vit Krejci is certainly someone to keep on your radar, if only for his size alone. Keep in mind that Euroleague star PG Matteo Spagnolo is an option to come to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2024-24 NBA season.
  • 7 Shooting guards: Anthony Edwards | Nickeil Alexander-Walker |  Wendell Moore Jr | (Two-Way) Jaylen Clark | (Exh 10) Tyrese Martin | (Exh 10) Daishen Nix | (Exh 10) Trevor Keels
  • SG Summary: The Timberwolves are showing a lot of interest in a wide range of players at the shooting guard position.  Led by 22-year-old Anthony Edwards, there is plenty of gritty defense among this group. But this could be an effort to cross-train promising shooting guards into a combination guard or even a point guard role.
  • 3 Small forwards: Jaden McDaniels | Troy Brown Jr. | Leonard Miller
  • SF Summary: Defense is the name of the game at the small forward position this season for the Minnesota Timberwolves. But with new faces, the Timberwolves are certainly eager to better at the boards this year. The wild card factor this season will be how quickly and in which roles the Timberwolves will funnel minutes to rookie forward Leonard Miller.
  • 4 Power Forwards: Karl-Anthony Towns | Kyle Anderson | Josh Minott | Matt Ryan (Exhibit 10)
  • PF Summary: You have to believe that All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns is overdue for a rebound season (pun intended). Last season, he was shackled with an off-season illness and an unexpected but devastating injury. This year, you should expect a prime-time KAT to vie for the team scoring lead as well as be a lot more active in rebounding and perimeter scoring.  Of course, that will free up Kyle Anderson to lead the charge off the bench this season.
  • 3 Centers: Rudy Gobert | Naz Reid | (Two-Way) Luka Garza
  • C Summary: After a year of acclimating center Rudy Gobert to the Timberwolves roster, and the Timberwolves roster to Rudy Gobert, I would look for a much better fit and overall performance by the entire team this season. And look for the Wolves to harness the youthful energy of Naz Reid in multiple ways this season. Best of all, keep an eye on Luka Garza, who is without a doubt one of the hardest-working players in the NBA right now.
  • Open roster spots – (1) 15-man roster
  • Contract Summary (21)
    (3) Two-Way contracts: C Luka Garza, PF Matt Ryan, SG Jaylen Clark
    (4) Exhibit 10 contracts: G Tyrese Martin, G Daishen Nix, G Trevor Keels, G Vit Krejci
    (14) Standard contracts: C Rudy Gobert, C Naz Reid, C/PF Karl-Anthony Towns, F Kyle Anderson, F Josh Minott, F Jaden McDaniels, F Troy Brown Jr, F Leonard Miller, SG Anthony Edwards, SG Nickeil Alexander-Walker, SG Wendell Moore Jr., PG Mike Conley Jr., G Shake Milton, PG Jordan McLaughlin

The Minnesota Timberwolves still have one open roster spot to fill and may be holding off on that last slot as an incentive to get the most competitive play from all seven players who are not currently signed to a standard contract.

I don’t believe that is a place-holder for rookie shooting guard Jaylen Clark, as his injury is projected to bench him until February 2024 before he is medically cleared to resume basketball activities.

The Minnesota Timberwolves hope to get off to a hot start in the 2023-24 NFL season.  If they can win games early in the season, that will take some of the pressure off to scratch and claw for wins later in the long 82-game season. And with the Timberwolves roster nearly set for a new NBA season, they are well on their way.

What are the biggest question marks over the Minnesota Timberwolves 2023-24 season?