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Lesson II: The Minnesota Timberwolves  have a lot of young players

The Minnesota Timberwolves roster boasts 21 players right now. 14 of those players are aged 25 years old or younger. Even if we factor out four players who are currently on Exhibit 10 contracts, that leaves 10 players on this Timberwolves roster whose best years are still ahead of them.

Still, their future success is not going to just happen.  As much as fans may want to see 100 percent of the Minnesota Timberwolves stars 100 percent of the time, any future success for this team is going to depend a great deal on how quickly and effectively younger players are developed.

It’s almost surreal to accept that Minnesota Timberwolves young All-Star shooting guard Anthony Edwards is only now 22 years old. But keep in mind that he is competing in his fourth NBA season this year, and has been a starter throughout his NBA career as a starter. So while he is young, he is already a very seasoned and established NBA veteran.

The road to that level of NBA production will not be nearly as easy for young 19-year-old forward Leonard Miller.  But it will be vital for this Timberwolves team to find a path to get younger players the experience and wisdom necessary to fill future roles on this team when their time comes.

It won’t all be on the Timberwolves coaching staff to deliver. We have witnessed just how much offseason work Luka Garza has put in throughout the offseason. So how has that paid off in the first two preseason games?   In two games, Garza has 20 minutes, 19 points, 11 rebounds, one assist, one block, and is shooting one of four from the perimeter.

He is just one young player who is on track to become a huge contributor to this Timberwolves roster over time.