KAT’s offseason comments were alarming, but not for the reasons you think

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Text, context, and textiles

It was clear from that moment on that the Minnesota Timberwolves would have to build around Karl-Anthony Towns. And the team, eager to compete in postseason basketball, was more than happy to do so.

There are times to speak up, and times not to do so. No, I’m not talking about suppressing anyone’s freedom of speech. But expression comes in many forms. For NBA players, the best way to express yourself is on the basketball court. That is not always how things work out, though. A hot microphone is just a tool, a means of sharing a message. But what that message is can make that microphone into a weapon.

Sometimes weapons injure the person wielding them.

Podcasts are made for NBA powerhouses

A simple podcast that listens in on a conversation among friends can be very entertaining. It gives fans a chance to hear meaningful details about players’ real lives and does so in a casual climate of a living room and friendly conversation. But it can also easily lead to overstating perspectives, being taken out of context, and being held up to a very unforgiving public forum in the court of social media.

Sometimes, I believe that the best advice is to be very succinct in public forums. What may be well intended is easily taken out of context and spun off in a completely different direction. That is not something that is commonly shared among NBA players. Conserve words, invest money, and plan for life after basketball.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are not an established NBA powerhouse team yet. As much as the team would love to be in that category, the Wolves players would be well served to speak with their actions on the basketball court.