Karl-Anthony Towns adopting new mentality for upcoming season

(Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images) /

In the 2023-24 NBA season, Karl-Anthony Towns will be playing in his ninth professional season. He is by far the longest tenured player on the Minnesota Timberwolves, and his best years may still be ahead of him.

Wolves fans have seen Towns grow from a spry 19-year old rookie to a grizzled veteran. His unique talent and versatile skillset have been the Timberwolves’ backbone over the last near-decade.

While NBA fans outside the Twin Cities have historically been quick to criticize KAT for one reason or another, he has always rightfully been beloved by the Wolves fanbase. Recently, there appears to have been a stark change in Towns’ demeanor.

Karl-Anthony Towns has made a big change to his demeanor

Usually, Karl-Anthony Towns exhibits an outgoing personality and is someone that is unafraid to be himself. But in recent weeks, it appears he has changed they way he conducts himself when speaking to members of the media.

Gone is KAT’s fun-loving, lighthearted outer appearance. Instead, he has taken on a more serious tone. This began at Wolves media day a couple of weeks ago, and continued into more recent interviews as well. Towns has been addressing media with shorter, lower-energy answers than usual.

Something that non-Wolves fans have criticized KAT for in the past is his energetic personality. Which, let’s be honest, is ridiculous. It is hard to find a more kind, personable or genuine person in the NBA than Karl-Anthony Towns. Even so, fans of opposing teams have still chosen to dislike him for one reason or another.

Perhaps this new demeanor is Towns’ way of reacting to the outside noise that he has heard for so long. It would be a little discouraging to see KAT alter his personality because of haters, but we know that he is smart enough to do what is best for him. If adopting this persona helps the Wolves win games this year, fans should be all for it.

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