Who gets more Timberwolves PF minutes? KAT, Slo-Mo, Minott, or other?

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Most minutes: Karl Anthony Towns

While he has played most of his NBA career at the center position, the success of the Minnesota Timberwolves this season depends entirely upon Karl-Anthony Towns becoming completely comfortable in the 4 role.

Ignore all of those casual NBA analysts who have already ruled the Timberwolves’ effort to combine the defense of Rudy Gobert with the offense of Karl-Anthony Towns a failure after 29 regular season games. That was just over one-third of an NBA season and was hardly enough time for the two to make each other’s acquaintance. That was simply the appetizer. But the 2023-24 NBA season? That will be the main course.

The Timberwolves will almost certainly assign the most minutes, That could and should work out to about 30-33 minutes per game. If Towns can remain healthy, that will be a huge boost over last season, as Towns will easily be among the Timberwolves’ top two scorers throughout this season.

Towns time to shine?

KAT is already putting on a performance, as he averaged 17 minutes, 17 points, 3.5 rebounds,1.5 assists, 1.0 steals, and 1.5 blocks per game in two spectacular preseason performances against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Abu Dhabi Tournament.  That is impressive work for a guy who is just getting back to NBA basketball.

But this is not an easy season for the Timberwolves big man. You see, KAT has a lot of pressure thrust upon him this season. He is not just trying to reclaim his own performance, but many NBA insiders, analysts, and pundits believe that he is literally playing for his spot on the Timberwolves roster in the future.

Before you stick a fork in the future of Karl-Anthony Towns just yet, try to consider the possibility of KAT reclaiming his prime-time production. If KAT recovers his true All-Star form on this team, the Timberwolves will have two players who will flirt with 30+ points per game. More than just points, Towns has proven to be incredibly impactful to the performance of his teammates as well, particularly to the offensive output of Rudy Gobert.

Towns may or may not be on the Timberwolves roster in the 2024-25 NBA season. But he can be one of the Timberwolves’ main offensive engines that will drive this team to a deep NBA Playoffs run this season. If he can recapture his past offensive prowess, Timberwolves fans will see his true potential, and perhaps a greater appreciation of his contribution will develop as a result.

And his market value will skyrocket as well.