How do you grade these 8 Timberwolves players as preseason winds down?

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Concern: SG Wendell Moore Jr

The Minnesota Timberwolves cannot compare the rapid development of shooting guard Anthony Edwards to other players on the roster, but the performance of second-year SG Wendell Moore Jr. was not exactly reassuring. It’s not due to any fault of Moore. It’s simply a case of too few minutes to be dolled out to everyone in 2022-23, and the impact that light workload has on his development this season.

But there seems to be more at work with Wendell Moore Jr. this season than a musical chairs medley of playing minutes. Are the Timberwolves redirecting him from a 3-and-D role into more of a combination guard role who excels at defense? If that is the case, then he would eventually refill the void created when the team traded away veteran combination guard Patrick Beverley.

While Moore continues to develop his shot arsenal and learns how to become Velcro-like in his NBA defense, he will have good games and he will have bad games. This game was not one of his good ones.

In 11 minutes, Wendell Moore Jr. shot just 25 percent from the floor (1 of 4), while adding one rebound and two assists. His road to an NBA career will certainly be a bit rocky this season. But in all honesty, I believe that he could become a solid point guard alongside SG Anthony Edwards. And tracking how he improves the number of assists per game will speak volumes as to his progress in that direction.

Preseason Game 3 grade: C-