How do you grade these 8 Timberwolves players as preseason winds down?

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Concern: PG Mike Conley Jr.

While there will always be an up-and-down pattern of even the most consistent veteran players, I can honestly say that veteran point guard Mike Conley Jr. has been a true Steady-Freddie on the Timberwolves roster since he arrived. But even Conley has the occasional struggle.

Against the New York Knicks, Conley struggled.

He only played 19 minutes, but of that time he could only score five points, would only dish out three assists, would suffer two turnovers, and would commit three fouls.  In summary, he was not having a very good game.

While this was a rare stinker of a game by Conley, it does feed into the vigilance and concerns that become ever tenser over the endurance of the 36-year-old point guard to handle the wear and tear of 82 games on the Timberwolves schedule. You see, thanks to the introduction of even more stringent measures necessary to rest veteran players, the Timberwolves cannot give Conley a rest day because he is stiff and sore.

Mike Conley Jr. is one of four Minnesota Timberwolves players named in the new NBA rule change. What that means is that the Timberwolves will find it necessary to start Conley, but have a player ready to go in if Conley is not up to par. That may not happen again this season, but it did happen against the New York Knicks.

Preseason Game 3 grade: D+