4 Timberwolves bigs need to show up big starting now

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Two tall contributing Timberwolves

IV: While rookie forward Leonard Miller may not be a plug-and-play option from the opening tipoff, the Timberwolves coaching staff must fast-track his development this season. The rookie forward has too much upside for this team, and it would be a complete waste of his time and Timberwolves resources not to refine his raw NBA talents quickly.

Miller may not see any action in Game 2, but I wish that he would. It’s clear that the Minnesota Timberwolves need his all-purpose skill set to ignite better ball movement, continue to work hard for rebounds along the boards and distribute the basketball to his teammates.

He may not have the game-ready performance of other veteran players, but he does have an energy that would be immediately impactful as soon as he enters the game.

Gobert has to keep going

III: The Minnesota Timberwolves may have had high expectations for veteran All-Star center Rudy Gobert, but the team did not meet their own responsibilities last season in providing him with a consistent and competitive roster in which to find and get comfortable in his role.

Gobert will need to be fed the ball, and he is not exactly a threat to score from long-range. But he was never intended to be that guy when the Timberwolves traded for him. He is a rebounder, a shot-blocker, and a rim-protecting center who can average double-digit points this season.

His first game in the 2023-24 NBA season was a great way to start.  His stat line was:

32.0 minutes | 15.0 points | 13.0 rebounds | 1.0 assist | 2.0 steals | 4.0 blocks

Those are incredible numbers, and if Gobert can sustain that level of production this year, the Timberwolves are going to win more games this season.