76ers trade of James Harden creates ideal FA signing for Wolves

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

The Minnesota Timberwolves are reeling a bit right now. After dropping a 19-point halftime lead to the Atlanta Hawks to fall to 1-2, the Timberwolves have opened the floodgates of questions, concerns, and disbelief in this team once more. The Timberwolves need a boost, some shot of B-12 or adrenaline to get this team jump-started and going in the right direction.

On the throes of the Timberwolves epic collapse, the Philadelphia 76ers made NBA headlines in a different way. The 76ers have agreed to trade guard James Harden and power forward P.J. Tucker to the LA Clippers for draft picks, a pick swap, and former Timberwolves forward Robert Covington, forward Nicolas Batum, forward Marcus Morris, and forward K.J. Martin

For the 76ers, the move reunites the team with popular 3-and-D forward Robert Covington, adds solid NBA Draft picks and allows the 76ers to offload the very disgruntled and non-participating likes of James Harden.  While unintentional, the trade has forced the 76ers to make this subsequent move:

Danny Green could be an ideal addition to the Timberwolves roster.

Timberwolves need perimeter shooting (again)

The Minnesota Timberwolves have one open roster spot right now, so signing a free agent does not displace anyone who is currently on the roster. That is vital for the Minnesota Timberwolves right now, a team that is interested in preserving a slot for the upgrade of shooting guard Jaylen Clark at some point this season.

But that signing is months away, and the Timberwolves cannot ignore the fact that they are struggling to get their offense going this season. One of the team’s top scorers, Karl-Anthony Towns, simply does not have his mojo back this season. Not only is KAT scoring about 10 points fewer per game than expected, but his perimeter shot is an alarming 23.5 percent this season.

Forward Kyle Anderson, a player who proved to be very accurate from the perimeter, had yet to make a shot from three-point range. While that is not alarming as of yet, the abundance of perimeter shooting quickly evaporates.  In short, the Timberwolves need to pounce on Danny Green now while he is available.

Green light to sign Danny Green

Danny Green is not going to show up and put the clamps down on opposing teams in terms of ideal defense.  What he can do, however, is be the guy who comes in off the bench and drops a few three-pointers to spark an offensive rally. He is the ideal rotational player, someone who is hot-handed when you need him to deliver points.

He played for two seasons alongside Shake Milton when they both played for the Philadelphia 76ers, so he would not be arriving cold to everyone in the Timberwolves organization. There are no glitz, red carpet, or glamor considerations with Danny Green. He is a matter-of-fact worker bee, a guy who wants to come in and compete on the basketball court. He doesn’t seek the spotlight or the microphone.

And yet, he delivers that sweet consistent three-point shot that so many teams love to add at the NBA Trade Deadline. He is more than just a segue for the Timberwolves roster right now. He could be the type of player who can be dangled at the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline to sweeten a deal to bring both signs to agreement.

Danny Green is in his 15th NBA season right now and boasts a 40 percent three-point accuracy over that timeframe. Every NBA team wants more perimeter shooters, so there is never a question of Green landing on a new NBA team. He simply makes a lot of sense to land on the Timberwolves roster right now.

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