National analyst looks silly jumping on T-Wolves bandwagon now

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

Last year wasn’t the best season when you factor in all of the pieces the Minnesota Timberwolves had. Sure, they made it to the playoffs, but their lack of ability during the regular season made them get the matchup with the Denver Nuggets, who you don’t want to play in the playoffs.

I may add that they finished 42- 40 last season, which was worse than the 46- 36 record they had in 2021 without Rudy Gobert. When the trade was made, many people scratched their heads. In fact, I’m not afraid to say that I was one of them.

How was this offense going to work? Sure, KAT can space the floor with shooting, but the court is still jumbled up at times with two seven-footers on the court simultaneously because KAT isn’t just going to stay in the corner the whole time. He’s too good for thaat.

Then, it made me think that it could hinder Anthony Edwards’s development. Obviously, I was wrong, and I’m able to admit that. Some national analysts out there like to think we forgot that they hated the move as well and then go on to say how it was brilliant a year later when the Wolves are currently one of the best teams in football.

That analyst, if that’s what we want to call him, is none other than Bill Simmons, who has a video circulating around NBA Twitter of him a year ago vs. him today talking about the Timberwolves.

Here is the video:

As I said, I was also wrong, but I admitted that, and the team’s issues last year seem to be fixed. Now I’m not here acting like I called this and knew it would happen because I didn’t. However, I am still enjoying what the Wolves are able to do this season, as they are now 6-2 for the first time since 1999.

The defense is there, as they have made things difficult for Nikola Jokic, locked up the Celtics in overtime, and beat some other pretty good offensive teams. Anthony Edwards is looking like a top-10 player in the NBA, and they are now 1-0 in In-Season Tournament Group Play.

This season has started great, but let’s start calling out the guys who are hopping on the bandwagon now that the team is good.