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Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks - Game Five
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Realistic free agent: Reggie Jackson

Veteran point guard Reggie Jackson feels like a signing a contender such as Minnesota would make. He's a veteran point guard who will likely bounce from squad to squad on team-friendly pacts as his career winds down. At 34, Jackson profiles as a serviceable backup floor general with significant scoring upside.

Jackson is a good player but he's never been the most consistent shooter. He's accumulated several 40-plus percent seasons from beyond the arc while shooting worse than 35.0 percent for half the seasons he's played.

This past season, the Denver guard shot 43.1 percent from the field and 35.9 percent from downtown. In 82 appearances, he averaged 10.2 points per game. Aside from his scoring, he displayed keen playmaking ability. Jackson averaged 3.8 assists per contest.

Another Conley reserve, Jackson gives the Wolves strong scoring acumen with the ability to pilot the second unit. In the playoffs, the Wolves lacked various on-ball scoring options. Although not a sixth-man-of-the-year-level scorer, Jackson can easily provide 10-plus points off the pine.

Jackson can score both on and off the ball. He even attempted more pull-ups than spot-up attempts—a common theme amongst go-to scorers. On pull-up 2-pointers, Jackson notched a field goal percentage of 37.5 percent. His 3-point pull-up percentage was slightly worse at 31.4 percent. However, when Jackson attempted a spot-up three he shot over 40 percent.

What Fultz brings on the defensive end isn't something Jackson can replicate. Although his opponents shot just slightly better than usual against Jackson—he's never been a strong defender. And at 34 years old, Jackson will likely never be a prominent defender.

Alas, in just about 20 minutes per game, his defense won't be essential to winning games. While his defense may not be up to par, his absurd wingspan (7 feet) and quickness don't allow for Jackson to be a bad defender.