1 New Year's resolution for every Minnesota Timberwolves player

Giving goals for Wolves players going into 2024
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Kyle Anderson: Get more power forward minutes

Offensively, Anderson has taken a step back this season. His .466 effective field goal percentage is his lowest since his rookie season, and his 57.5 percent shooting at the rim is also his lowest since his rookie campaign. Anderson has played primarily small forward for the Wolves this season, and it has not gone well. Small forwards need to be able to shoot in today's game, and Anderson is shooting a measly 13 percent from outside.

He is getting the Ben Simmons treatment this season, as teams are begging him to shoot. Anderson has played much better this season when he has gotten minutes at the four. Hopefully, he can talk head coach Chris Finch into more minutes with him and one big on the floor. 

Nickeil Alexander-Walker: Keep shooting the three-ball well

Everyone knows that NAW is a great defender, but what keeps him in the rotation is he is knocking down three-pointers at a good clip. His 36 percent on four attempts per game is a respectable number, and he is also shooting 40 percent from the corners this season. NAW is a true 3-and-D player, and if he wants to keep getting minutes and getting paid, those numbers need to keep up. 

Troy Brown Jr.: Stay ready

Brown's minutes are going to fluctuate for the rest of the season if everyone remains healthy. He just needs to stay ready and take advantage of the probably minimal opportunities he will get.

Jordan McLaughlin: Stay ready

McLaughlin is in the same boat as Brown, except he has been permanently out of the rotation. Who knows when he might get minutes? But he needs to stay ready for his opportunity. 

Iowa Wolves guys: Stay on the developmental course

Josh Minott, Leonard Miller, Wendell Moore, Luka Garza, and Daishen Nix are all clumped into the same group as far as resolutions go. This team is trying to compete for a championship and already has its nine-man rotation set. I like Minott, Miller, and Garza, but they aren't ready for non-garbage time NBA minutes yet.

So dominate in Iowa and come back strong to help contribute next season.

Shake Milton: Hope you get traded and can get some minutes

Poor guy, I really liked him.

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