2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Full two-round projections, French prospect soars

The second iteration of the Dunking with Wolves mock draft is here. This time, both rounds are included.
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The first Dunking With Wolves 2024 NBA Mock Draft was released nearly three weeks ago. This time around, instead of a deep dive into each prospect, a full, two-round mock draft will be employed before the final iteration leading up to the 2024 NBA Draft on June 26.

This version will not include any trades, but several teams will surely make a move. It's easy to envision a late-lottery squad moving up to pick UConn Husky big man Donovan Clingan. The 20-year-old big is a top-notch prospect, yet many top squads are already set at the pivot spot.

As for the Minnesota Timberwolves, a trade may also come to fruition. It's entirely possible the Wolves package both their picks to move up into the first round. Or, to secure additional depth, Minnesota may want to use both selections with a precarious cap situation looming.

Without further ado, the 2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0.

Picks 1-5

1. Atlanta Hawks - Alexandre Sarr, Perth Wildcats

Despite the Zaccharie Risacher hype chatter consuming numerous mock drafts, this one will remain with France's Alexandre Sarr at number one. The 7-footer is too intriguing of a talent to pass up. His rare blend of size, mobility, and potential shooting touch makes Sarr the best prospect in the draft.

The Atlanta Hawks are set at center, with Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu, but they're also set at the forward and guard spots. It's all about upside here and Sarr's skillset packs the most punch. Envisioning Trae Young tossing lobs or kicking out to the 19-year-old big man should make the Hawks' front office eager to select Sarr.

2. Washington Wizards - Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg

Another Frenchman, Risacher is all over the board. He's generally considered a top prospect, but several outlets have Risacher over Sarr. While the 6-foot-9 forward has shades of a potential All-Star, he's more of a higher-floor player as opposed to a high-upside guy.

Sarr actually fits better on the Washington Wizard's roster, but Risacher is a safe bet who's just 19 years old. Risacher can play up to three positions and profiles as a second, or even a top option as he progresses.

3. Houston Rockets - Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

Like Atlanta, the Houston Rockets are a solid all-around squad. Houston didn't even have to start awesome rookies, Amen Thompson or Cam Whitmore a season ago. The Rockets have the luxury of selection an impressive prospect and that's Reed Sheppard.

After coming off the board 12th in our last mock draft, Sheppard rises to three. His elite athletic testing at the NBA Combine helps his case. Aside from starting point guard Fred Vanvleet, the Rockets are long and athletic. Sheppard's shooting and defensive tenacity fit quite well on the up-and-coming Texan squad.

4. San Antonio Spurs - Stephon Castle, UConn

UConn's Stephon Castle may be the best player in the draft. He's a 6-foot-6 lead playmaker who brings the energy on defense. Castle, quite frankly, will be able to defend three positions in the NBA. He's strong, athletic, and slides effortlessly in a defensive stance.

What Castle lacks is a consistent shot. The 19-year-old guard shot 26.7 percent from deep a season ago on a stacked Huskies team. Nonetheless, his 75.5 percent clip from the charity stripe instills confidence. What makes a non-efficient shooter enticing for the San Antonio Spurs is Victor Wembanyama's outside shooting ability.

5. Detroit Pistons - Donovan Clingan, UConn

But the Detroit Pistons are set with Jalen Duren at center! Yes, the 20-year-old center is a good player, but he feels a bit Andre Drummond-esque. Duren is a superb athlete and a great rebounder, but his athleticism doesn't translate to defense.

Clingan is this draft's Rudy Gobert. He's an all-encompassing force on the interior. No matter who Detroit employs on the perimeter, with Clingan at the pivot spot, he'll deter all shots around the rim. Detroit may opt for a forward, such as Cody Williams or Tidjane Salaun, but Clingan won't drop stick around much longer.