2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Full two-round projections, French prospect soars

The second iteration of the Dunking with Wolves mock draft is here. This time, both rounds are included.
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6. Charlotte Hornets - Matas Buzelis, G-League Ignite

6-foot-10 Matas Buzelis is one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. The lanky forward projects as a jumbo-sized playmaker in the NBA. However, he's also a good athlete and high-volume scorer—he averaged 14.3 points on 12.2 field goals per game in the G-League.

Buzelis makes sense in Charlotte because of the Hornets' lack of wing depth. Despite possessing a jumbo-sized playmaker in LaMelo Ball, Charlotte is devoid of talent, and taking a high-upside prospect will be at the top of the agenda.

7. Portland Trail Blazers - Tidjane Salaun, Cholet Basket

The highest riser throughout the predraft process is France's Tidjane Salaun. The 6-foot-9 forward is one of the youngest players in the draft, still just 18 years old. In France's LNB Playoffs, the young wing demonstrated his shotmaking ability. Salaun averaged 13.3 points and canned five triples in a tad over 25 minutes per game.

The French forward makes perfect sense for the Portland Trail Blazers. He'd fit right in between Jerami Grant and Anfernee Simons (or Shaedon Sharpe) at the small forward spot. His perimeter shotmaking combined with defensive versatility oozes elite 3-and-D potential.

8. San Antonio Spurs - Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

Kentucky's Rob Dillingham is the most electric player in the draft. He's a firecracker on offense who can create off the dribble and knock down spot-up threes. Although he's undersized (6-foot-1 and 164 pounds), his hard-nosed style of play makes up for a lack of physicality.

A Dillingham-to-San Antonio fit feels too good to be true—I mean, theoretically, pairing Wembanyama with any downhill playmaker feels too good to be true. Doubling up on lead guards may be redundant, but Castle and Dillingham's skillsets are wildly different.

9. Memphis Grizzlies - Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

Although the Memphis Grizzlies are drafting in the top 10, they're a win-now squad. Prior to an injury-riddled 2023-24, the Grizzlies won 50-plus games in consecutive seasons. Upon analyzing the roster, there's a glaring need at the center spot (which may lead Memphis to trade up to snag Clingan or even Sarr).

For now, we have Memphis drafting the ultimate win-now prospect. Tennessee's Dalton Knecht is a pure scorer. The 23-year-old would fill Luke Kennard's 3-point shooting void if Memphis decides to decline his team option. If the Grizzlies keep Kennard around, more shooting to go around!

10. Utah Jazz - Cody Williams, Colorado

The Utah Jazz are an oddly configured team. Nevertheless, after tearing down a perennial contender just a few seasons ago, the Jazz are ahead of schedule. Utah boasts a deep collection of guards and a go-to scorer in Lauri Markkanen.

What the Jazz lack is a 3-and-D wing. Colorado freshman Cody Williams isn't quite there yet, but his physical profile and impressive 3-point shooting percentage make it easy to envision. Plus, the 6-foot-7 wing displayed point-forward playmaking chops in his lone collegiate season in Boulder.