2024 NBA Mock Draft: Timberwolves grab seasoned prospect, Wizards reach for center

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21. New Orleans Pelicans - Johnny Furphy, Kansas

Another jumbo-sized wing? Check. The New Orleans Pelicans are flush with athletic, 6-foot-7, and up wings who can handle the ball, shoot it from the outside, and defend multiple positions. However, it looks like one of these forwards will be off the roster come next season.

Adding Kansas' Johnny Furphy toes the line between present positional fit and potential long-term value. Although the Pelicans were swept in the first round, the roster is flush with talent. Sure, a true point guard looks like a need, but New Orleans has appeared content with C.J. McCollum, Jose Alvarado, Dyson Daniels, and even Zion Williamson handling the point.

Furphy is an athletic, 6-foot-9 wing who offers spot-up shooting and elite off-ball movement. Unlike many of the current Pelicans, Furphy is active away from the ball. He'll fit right in as a transition weapon. The Jayhawks' forward would form a dynamic duo with fellow Aussie Daniels in the reserve unit.

Defensively, Furphy's flaws would be well hidden as the Pelicans are replete with numerous lanky defenders. The 19-year-old is by no means a bad defender. However, a lack of agility has hurt Furphy's one-on-one defense.

The Kansas wing is reminiscent of Wizard's forward Bilal Coulibaly. Both players are raw at this stage and will only offer transition buckets and spot-up shooting out the gate. Neither player is a confident ball handler due to a lack of dribble moves.