2024 NBA Mock Draft: Timberwolves grab seasoned prospect, Wizards reach for center

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26. Washington Wizards - Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

After selecting a high-upside prospect with their first of two first-round selections, the Wizards decide to add a seasoned prospect with 26. Colorado's Tristan Da Silva played in four seasons for the Buffaloes and racked up 98 starts in his time in Boulder.

At 23 years old, Da Silva is the type of player to produce right away. He's a valuable catch-and-shoot player who can also score off the dribble. Da Silva is a career 49.3 percent shooter from the floor and 38.6 percent shooter from beyond the arc.

Unlike Washington's recent draft picks, Da Silva's offensive repertoire is already vast. At 6-foot-9, he's a nimble athlete. Da Silva moves well around the arc and appears ready to shoot as soon as he catches.

The senior forward isn't solely a half-court threat. He's equally viable as a ball handler and gunner in transition. Whether it be making a play for others or taking it himself, Da Silva is comfortable on the fast break.

Furthermore, his half-court offense is propped up by an avid post-game. Da Silva does a nice job using his frame to score over and with his back to his opponents. The Wizards are full of forwards, but many of them are singular in their skills—Da Silva provides an optimal range of offensive talent.