2024 NBA Mock Draft: Timberwolves grab seasoned prospect, Wizards reach for center

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4. San Antonio Spurs - Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

A dark horse for the best player to come out of this draft class, Kentucky's Rob Dillingham is lightning in a bottle. The 19-year-old comes from a long line of John Calipari guards. He averaged 15.2 points and 3.9 assists per game while knocking down 44.4 percent of his triples.

Like his lottery-bound teammate, Dillingham came off the bench as a freshman for the Wildcats. Although he played a reserve role, the lightning-quick guard averaged 23.3 minutes per contest. In a somewhat limited role, he shined.

The Kentucky product is one of the best shot-makers in the draft. He can score from beyond the arc, in the mid-range, or at the rim. Dillingham is a quick ball-handler who possesses a slick dribble package. The burst from his crossover and between-the-legs dribble is next to none—he explodes after making a move to get past his defender.

What limits Dillingham is his size. He's very athletic, yet he's not a preternatural playmaker. Dillingham is a solid playmaker who can be relied upon to make basic reads. On the small side with a slight frame, the Kentucky guard will likely have a tough time finishing in the NBA.

Besides the potential finishing problems, Dillingham's lack of muscle and length plays a part in the lack of his defensive upside. Fortunately, being mocked to the Spurs will ease Dillingham's defensive burden. Having Victor Wembanyama as the last line of defense goes a long way. Furthermore, a Dillingham-Wembanyama duo could rival that of Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid.