2024 NBA Mock Draft: Timberwolves grab seasoned prospect, Wizards reach for center

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8. San Antonio Spurs - Nikola Topic, Crvena Zvezda

Another playmaker for San Antonio. After drafting franchise centerpiece Victor Wembanyama less than a year ago, there's no downside to adding multiple playmakers in one draft. Although Dillingham is an electric creator, Nikola Topic is more of a lanky, slithery creator at 6-foot-6.

Additionally, Topic isn't nearly as good of a shooter as Dillingham. What he makes up for in Dillingham's weaknesses is he's a manipulative offensive player. Topic doesn't just make the easy read, he's a Luka Doncic-like passer who makes passes with the second and third defenders in mind.

The 18-year-old is an elite live-dribble passer who's capable of whipping passes all around the court with one hand. Topic is a downhill driver who gets to the rim without extreme athleticism. He's equally as good at using both hands and does a great job of drawing fouls.

Where Topic falters on offense is shooting. He's not a comfortable spot-up shooter. His release isn't consistent and his motion is a bit funky. The young guard works best as an off-the-dribble scorer. If Topic was a plus-shooter, there'd be a conversation to be selected first.

Furthermore, Topic's defense is so-so. He's a savvy defender but lacks the strength or athleticism to make a difference on the less glamorous end. However, as it's already been mentioned, Topic's defensive chops are less of a selling point for the Spurs brass. With Wembanyama as a back-line defender, it doesn't matter who's out on the perimeter.