3 Bold Predictions to end a historic Timberwolves Season

Finchy and Ant-Man
Finchy and Ant-Man / David Berding/GettyImages
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2. Anthony Edwards finishes as a legit MVP Candidate.

The three best teams in the West are led by arguably the three best players in the league. Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets have established their greatness. Shai Giilgeous-Alexander has become a budding superstar as the young Thunder team has thrived under his leadership.

Meanwhile, Anthony Edwards has earned the right to be the next face of the NBA. He has forced the league to televise Timberwolves games nationally. He has the talent, the personality, the signature shoes. If the Wolves stay atop the West without Towns, there is no reason Edwards shouldn't be an MVP Candidate.

The Wolves and the Nuggets will face each other three times in the next three weeks. With so much riding on each game, it could be a glimpse of this year's Western Conference finals matchup. Jokic and Edwards are leading their teams to the best in the West while putting up MVP-caliber numbers.

This also is a great chance to scout how the Nuggets will guard Edwards without the other half to the Wolves dynamic scoring duo and, on the other end, how the Wolves will match up with Jokic with Towns off the floor. Whichever team wins the regular season series will likely establish a home-court advantage for the playoffs, while the Joker vs. Ant-Man battle winner will sway their MVP odds.