3 Bold Predictions to end a historic Timberwolves Season

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1. Wolves get healthy to make Western Conference Finals

The meniscus tear in Town's knee was a momentum killer. It was unexpected after everything had been going so well regarding the team's health. But the news still allows a timeframe for the Wolves to get their All-Star big man back in time for the playoffs. The adversity will be good for the team as other guys on the bench will get a chance to earn trust going into the playoffs.

The Wolves must keep winning without Towns and do so without hurting themselves. Edwards has been sacrificing his body to win games. It seems he is on the ground every other time down the floor. He has to be 100 percent for the Wolves to go anywhere in the playoffs. Without his twin tower, Gobert has taken much of the beating under the rim. He had a scary fall the other night against the Clippers that bruised his ribs. The pain seems tolerable but is certainly something to monitor.

That same night, Naz Reid tweaked an ankle, briefly forcing him to the locker room. He was able to come back and finish the game, but another injury to worth monitoring. Monte Morris has been battling a nagging hamstring that seems to have healed. His shot-creating and leadership with the second unit will be pivotal come playoff time.

No matchup feels insurmountable for the Wolves this year, as they're able to hang defensively with anyone they have to guard. It will be even more exciting to watch McDaniels' defensive impact in his playoff debut as a starter this year after missing last year's postseason with a hand injury. If the Wolves are healthy throughout the playoffs, it's difficult to envision another squad beating them before the Western Conference Finals.

Minnesota has accomplished a lot in establishing a winning culture this year, but they haven't won anything yet. They haven't won a playoff series in 20 years, no MVP winner in 20 years, and have never had a Coach of the Year. This year, they can do all three in the same season.