3 Most important games remaining on the Wolves' schedule

Los Angeles Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves
Los Angeles Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages
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1. April 10 at Denver Nuggets

This April 10 matchup against the Denver Nuggets is very likely to decide the first seed. Minnesota, LA, Denver, and the Oklahoma City Thunder have been battling for home-court advantage for some time now.

While the Clippers have slightly fallen down the standings, the battle between the other three squads is full steam ahead. As it currently stands, Denver is a half-game out of first place with a 42-19 record. Minnesota comes in at second, and the Thunder are in first.

In April, the Wolves have a relatively easy schedule compared to the gauntlet they face in March. Minnesota faces Denver not once, but three more times this season. Two occur on the road, and one will be played in Minneapolis.

After a five-game series to open the playoffs a year ago, Minnesota will have played Denver nine times over the past year. In the battle earlier this season, the Wolves defeated the Nuggets 110-89. Every Nugget sans superstar Nikola Jokic struggled against the Wolves' vaunted defense. Minnesota's starting unit absolutely crushed Denver's. All five starters recorded plus-minuses of at least plus-11.

Minnesota didn't have the best shooting day, but they made it count when they got to the line. The Wolves knocked down 26-of-27 freebies against the Nuggets in early November. And despite a huge first-half lead, the Wolves displayed an increased sense of maturity, stymying any hope of a Denver comeback.

This time around, building a lead and forcing the Nuggets to play from behind is essential. Denver is a notoriously slow team, even slower than the Wolves. Denver plays at the fourth-slowest pace in the league.

Denver doesn't force a ton of turnovers, nor do they score off takeaways. A sped-up game will work to the Wolves' advantage. In the November 2 drubbing of the Nuggets, Minnesota recorded 16 fast break points and forced 15 turnovers. Following suit will certainly increases the Wolves' chances of victory come April 10.