3 Timberwolves who are underperforming, 3 exceeding expectations at the midseason break

Minnesota Timberwolves v Portland Trail Blazers
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Exceeding Expectations: Naz Reid

Like the last slide said, the Wolves are fortunate to have Reid on the roster. Making up for his counterpart's weak play, the 24-year-old big man has been sensational on the offensive end.

This season, Reid is averaging 12.2 points in just 22.5 minutes per game. He's scoring with incredible efficiency, knocking down 55.6 percent of his twos and 41.8 percent of his threes. Although his two-point percentage has seen a slight dip, he's never been more accurate from 3-point range.

Reid is also launching more triples than ever before. On the year, he's connecting on 1.9 of 4.6 triples per contest. Reid ranks second amongst centers in 3-point makes, only behind his All-Star teammate, Karl-Anthony Towns.

What makes Reid so special is his combination of spot-up and off-the-dribble shot-making. From 3-point range, the Minnesota big man shoots better off-the-catch. However, on two's, Reid's field goal percentage increases when he takes at least one dribble.

For instance, Reid shoots 48.7 percent on two-point attempts without taking a dribble. But when he takes at least one dribble, his percentage increases to 51.4 percent. And when he takes between three and six dribbles, Reid's two-point field goal percentage is an even 50.0 percent.

Despite his infrequent amount of drives per game, Reid ranks fourth on the team, shooting 52.8 percent on drives to the rim. He's an extremely versatile offensive weapon and a luxury to have come off the bench.