4 Timberwolves who increased their trade value this season

These players upped their trade value with their play for Minnesota in 2023-24.
Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves
Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Karl-Anthony Towns

Operating as one of Minnesota's most high-powered offensive weapons second to only Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns had yet another stellar season for the Timberwolves. After missing the majority of this past year with a calf injury, Towns saw action in 61 games in 2023-24 and was a major reason for them finishing near the top of the Western Conference.

It is usually difficult for a player that is nearly a decade into their career to raise their trade value, especially one as talented as KAT. He is at the top of every opponent's scouting report, and for good reason. Towns has always been one of the most offensively versatile big men in the league, with the ability to affect the game in a variety of ways.

But after KAT's injury last year, some wondered if he might have taken a step back physically. Lower body injuries are not always kind to big men, and there was no guarantee he would be able to keep up the same level of play.

Towns has proven the doubters wrong and put up 22.1 points per game on 50% shooting and 42% from three over the course of the regular season. It is hard to say the Timberwolves should actually be looking to trade him at this point, but he has no doubt made himself a more valuable commodity.