5 Former Timberwolves that Minnesota can re-sign this offseason

There are several former Timberwolves players the front office can target this summer.
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4. Dario Saric

Another former Timberwolf who only appeared briefly in Minnesota—Dario Saric. The combo-forward has since transitioned to more of a center role in recent seasons. When Saric played for Minnesota in 2018-19, he spent 90 percent of his time as a power forward. The Croatian big man spent 100 percent of his time at the five the past two seasons.

Although Saric has recently manned the pivot spot, he's a versatile frontcourt asset. He's a career 36.2 percent shooter from beyond the arc. The 6-foot-10 big has drained 631 triples over the course of his seven-year NBA career.

Slotting Saric next to Rudy Gobert would alleviate any spacing concerns—and next to Karl-Anthony Towns, or Naz Reid would work in a pinch. He's also demonstrated he can hold his own on the interior. The 30-year-old forward won't block many shots, but he's a solid defensive rebounder. Saric's defensive rebounding percentage was on par with other notable power forwards such as Paolo Banchero, Michael Porter Jr., and LeBron James.

Saric is freshly off a one-year, $2 million pact with the Golden State Warriors. There's potential for the veteran forward to re-sign with the Warriors, especially because a longtime reserve might be on the chopping block.

However, Saric's role drastically decreased as last season came to a close. Saric saw more DNPs than actual games played over the last month and a half of the regular season. Coming to Minnesota would allow the veteran forward to play a key role off the bench, chiefly if Anderson isn't retained.