5 Free agents Timberwolves should avoid at all costs

As they seek out free agents to sign in the coming weeks, Minnesota will want to avoid these players as much as possible.
Russell Westbrook
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2. Kevin Love

It is clear that perhaps the biggest need for this Timberwolves roster is simply more scoring power. Minnesota has a very deep and versatile roster that allows them to match up well with a variety of teams, but the Mavericks exposed this fatal flaw in the Western Conference Finals. There were far too many moments against Dallas where the Wolves' only true scoring option down the stretch was Anthony Edwards, and that must change if this team is to compete for a championship.

To do that, the front office must focus on adding ancillary scorers that have an element of athleticism and reliable shooting ability in their game. With that in mind, an example of a player not to add would be Kevin Love. Yes, he is a former Wolf and the Twin Cities still love him for what he contributed to this team a decade ago.

But the current version of K-Love is far from what this team needs. At this stage of his career, Kevin is too slow to consistently score off the bounce, and not athletic enough to go flying around the floor off the ball to come off screens and knock down a lot of jumpers. He played just 16 minutes per game for Miami last year, and he would not fit in a larger role in Minnesota.