5 Free agents Timberwolves should avoid at all costs

As they seek out free agents to sign in the coming weeks, Minnesota will want to avoid these players as much as possible.
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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4. Russell Westbrook

This is certainly an intriguing one, and Russell Westbrook has enough big-name draw that the Timberwolves may be tempted to consider it. In the big picture, the fact that Minnesota is so constrained financially means they are hurting for meaningful contributors. So when they see a name like Westbrook available for cheap, it would be understandable to want to jump at the first opportunity.

But when you look at Russ' productivity on the hardwood, there is really not much of a discussion to be had. He averaged a career-low 11.1 points per game for the Clippers this past season, including a ghastly 6.3 points and 26% field goal percentage in the playoffs. If we are evaluating Westbrook based on his recent performance, we would be hard pressed to say he looks like anything resembling a meaningful contributor.

In reality, there are still ways he can help a team, but not a team like the Timberwolves. Minnesota will not have much use for a non-shooting point guard while they are trying to level up and become better offensively. The front office should be primarily concerned with lethal scoring threats off the bounce, and Russ is not that at this stage of his career.