5 Free agents Timberwolves should avoid at all costs

As they seek out free agents to sign in the coming weeks, Minnesota will want to avoid these players as much as possible.
Russell Westbrook
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5. Bol Bol

We have seen some truly unique NBA prospects over the years, with many big men possessing guard-like skills and scouts wondering if they will have a chance of taking over the league with their incredible abilities. So far, the only prospect of that ilk that we are seeing pan out is Victor Wembanyama. After finishing second in Defensive Player of the Year voting in his rookie season, he looks to be one of the best players of this next generation.

But aside from Victor, it is hard to recall any of these "unicorn" prospects that have truly panned out. Thon Maker, for example, was another big with exceptional handles that many had their eyes on for a long time. With all that in mind, it is hard to imagine Bol Bol ever becoming much more as a player than he is right now.

The "Inside the NBA" crew on TNT can rave about Bol's potential on TV all they want, but at the end of the day, that is all we have when discussing his game: potential. At this stage in the game, the Timberwolves have to focus on adding much more than just potential impact, and that is why they should veer far away from the 7-foot-3 wing.