5 Key improvements for the Timberwolves' starters in the second half of the season

A deep dive into how each starter can take their game to the next level

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls
Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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In the fiercely competitive landscape that is the NBA, player performance is often analyzed with a fine-toothed comb. For the Minnesota Timberwolves, a team that is experiencing an unprecedented wave of success, most of the focus has been on what has been going right.

However, if they are to achieve their goal of contending, and ultimately winning an NBA championship, several key areas need to be addressed.

In this analysis, we will dive into what can be improved for each of the Timberwolves' starters, and define how it can unlock their championship potential.

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards, Paul George
Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages


Anthony Edwards is undeniably having a career year, averaging career highs in points per game (26.3), assists per game (5.3), field goal percentage (47.1%), and 3-point field goal percentage (38.6%) for the Timberwolves. However, amidst the impressive performances, there is one area that clearly stands out as needing addressing: his turnovers.

Edwards has the 10th worst turnover percentage (TOV%) on drives at 7.3%, 17th worst TOV% on isolation plays at 10.3%, and, most concerning, third worst TOV% in the clutch at 0.4%. This is fine when the Timberwolves are up by 30-plus in the first quarter against the Blazers, but if they want to be taken seriously come playoff time, they will need to prioritize ball security.

When the games get tight, the Timberwolves are largely relying on their 22-year-old 2-time All-Star to bring them home. Edwards' usage goes up from 31.2 to 34.3 in the clutch, which makes it even more paramount for Edwards to clean up his decision-making.

Another guy that needs to improve decision-making is up next.