5 NBA-ready prospects the Timberwolves should target in the second round

These are five prospects who can contribute right away that Minnesota can draft with their second-round pick.
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4. Jamal Shead

Jamal Shead is this draft's Deace McBride 2.0. The Houston guard is a flat-out dog. This past season, he averaged 2.2 steals and 0.5 blocks per game. Shead registered a steal percentage north of 3.2 percent in every collegiate season.

Where Shead and McBride differ is their three-point marksmanship. Playing for West Virginia, McBridge vastly improved as a shooter from his freshman to sophomore campaigns—he shot 41.4 percent in year two. Despite playing four years of college ball, Shead never once shot better than 31.0 percent from beyond the arc.

Shead proved to be more of a playmaker as opposed to an efficient scorer. In each of his seasons as a starter, the 6-foot guard averaged at least 5.4 assists per game. His best passing season came as a senior when he dished out 6.3 assists per game on a low-scoring Houston squad.

Although he's not the best shooter, he's a good finisher around the rim and an improvisational penetrator. This past season, Shead shot 57 percent around the rim—a high mark for a player of his stature. He operates well as a pick-and-roll ball handler who's shown he's turnover averse. Shead's assist-to-turnover ratio was a strong 3.1-to-1.

Shead's pedestrian offensive numbers certainly won't deter teams from selecting him in next week's draft. All things considered, his defense is his true calling card. There's always a need for players like McBride, TJ McConnell, Patrick Beverley, or Jevon Carter on every team. The 21-year-old guard's frenetic on-ball defense is a joy to watch.

The former Cougar guard navigates screens and sticks with his man better than anyone in this draft class. His active hands and lightning-quick feet make life difficult for opposing guards. Lastly, Shead is also a great defender away from the ball. Typically, longer-wing defenders are thought of as good off-ball defenders. Shead is fantastic at jumping passing lanes and has an uncanny ability to dig on drives and post catches—consistently forcing jump ball and turnovers.