5 NBA-ready prospects the Timberwolves should target in the second round

These are five prospects who can contribute right away that Minnesota can draft with their second-round pick.
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3. Baylor Scheierman

The Timberwolves are familiar with Creighton's Baylor Scheierman, having worked him out earlier this month. The veteran forward is a Swiss army knife who's also one of the best shooters in the draft. The 23-year-old forward nailed 38.1 percent of his 8.3 three-point attempts per game.

Besides his shooting, he's an adept playmaker and a strong rebounder. Scheierman averaged 9.0 rebounds, and 3.9 dimes per game as a fifth-year senior. Prior to joining the Bluejays, Scheierman recorded 9.2 boards and 4.5 assists in separate seasons.

Scheierman is a good shooter, but that's not his only offensive skill. The 6-foot-6 wing converted on 66.0 percent of his field goals at the rim. He's an ambidextrous finisher who uses long strides to get to the rim.

It's unlikely the 23-year-old will be a primary playmaker, but he's a more than willing passer who can operate as a pick-and-roll ball handler. Scheierman didn't run a high amount of pick-and-rolls, however, he scored 1.28 points per possession, ranking in the 96th percentile.

Like Bridges, Scheierman's shot gives off a "three-point contest participant." He's not a high elevator and he's got a consistent release. Additionally, a plus in the NBA, the former Creighton star drilled 15 deep triples—beyond 25 feet.

Okay, Scheierman's offense is easy to project in the pros. Conversely, his defensive floor isn't nearly as high. The 23-year-old racked up only 153 steals and 29 blocks over five collegiate seasons. Scheierman does have the requisite size to become an adequate defender in the NBA. What holds him back is his lack of foot speed.