5 Players Wolves fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

Illinois v Maryland
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3. Tyler Kolek, Marquette

The definition of a floor general, Marquette's Tyler Kolek ranks second in all of college basketball in assists per game. This season, the 23-year-old guard is dishing out 7.6 assists to 2.8 turnovers per game.

Additionally, Kolek is averaging a career-high in points per game. The senior guard is clearing 15 points while shooting nearly 50 percent from the floor. As a freshman at George Mason, Kolek launched 6.7 triples per game. After arriving at Marquette, the floor general has yet to attempt more than four triples per game. However, he's sinking a career-high 40.0 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc.

What makes Kolek so special is his nifty ball handling and preternatural passing ability. He's a pick-and-roll maestro who understands passing angles better than most guards. He won't blow by his defender, but he does a great job of using hesitation dribbles, in-n-outs, and spin moves to get past his opposition.

Kolek shoots a high percentage from the floor, but his shooting mechanics will likely lead to inconsistent percentages at the next level. Kolek has a longer motion, where he uses more of a push than a flick. Using a push allows Kolek to launch it from long-range, but it prohibits him from elevating over defenders in the mid-range—limiting his shot profile to beyond the arc and around the rim.

On defense, Kolek will be targeted at the next level. Luckily for whatever team he lands on, he's a fierce competitor. The Marquette guard doesn't back down, regardless of the matchup. He's also not a total liability on the less glamorous end, evidenced by his impressive year-to-year steal numbers.

Last slide, it was mentioned how Simpson profiles as a Morris-esque guard at the next level. Kolek embodies the Morris comparison even further. In the NBA, Kolek's role will likely be similar to point guards such as Morris, Tyus and Tre Jones, Payton Pritchard, and Cory Joseph.