5 Recently traded players the Timberwolves should've snagged themselves

Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons
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2. Quentin Grimes

As part of the Alec Burks trade, Quentin Grimes was shipped out from the Knicks to the Pistons. Grimes is essentially a more refined version of Agbaji, a low-volume, athletic 3-and-D player.

The main difference between Grimes and Agbaji is their 3-point efficiency. Grimes is a career 37.9 percent 3-point shooter on five attempts per contest. Just a year ago, the former Knick nailed 2.2 triples per game on a 38.6 percent clip.

This season, Grimes has seen a subtle decline. He's shooting 36.3 percent on 4.7 triples per game. After beginning the season as the starting shooting guard, Grimes had since relinquished his role to Donte DiVincenzo.

However, the move to the bench improved Grimes' game altogether. Once he became a reserve, the former Houston Cougar's points, rebounds, and shooting percentages increased in fewer minutes per game.

Now as a member of the Pistons, he'll likely receive more time on the court. Detroit is a middling 3-point team as far as accuracy is concerned, but similar to Minnesota, the Pistons don't attempt enough triples.

Grimes doesn't solve this issue alone, but he does provide Detroit with the much-needed 3-and-D archetype. His fit on the Timberwolves would be similar. Minnesota lacks a true 3-and-D player. McDaniels has the defense part down, but his volume from downtown remains low.

On the bench, Alexander-Walker is the closest thing the Timberwolves have to a true 3-and-D player. After beginning his career as a high-volume scorer, he's since evolved into a plus-defender, capable of taking on difficult matchups and knocking down threes with above-average accuracy.