5 Recently traded players the Timberwolves should've snagged themselves

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1. Bojan Bogdanovic

The best and most accomplished player on the list, Bojan Bogdanovic was assuredly a goner by the trade deadline. At 34 years old, his spot on the Pistons' roster was unwarranted. The Knicks consequently made a move for Bogdanovic, sending Grimes, Evan Fournier, Malachi Flynn, Ryan Arcidiacono, and two second-rounders for the veteran wing and Burks.

This season, playing for Detroit, Bogdanovic held averages of 20.2 points, shooting 46.8 percent from the field and 41.5 percent from beyond the arc. A high-volume shooter, Bogdanovic connected on 3.1 of his 7.4 attempts from deep per game.

He's a well-versed scorer who shoots about a third of his looks off-the-catch, off-the-dribble, and near the rim. In all three of the aforementioned areas, he's shooting it better than league average.

From beyond the arc, he shoots it from every location. He's the best from the top of the key and the right corner, but his accuracy does suffer when he shoots left-corner triples. However, on a team with increased spacing, his all-around marksmanship should be closer to his aggregate.

At 6-foot-8, Bogdanovic may spend much of his time at the four, filling in for Julius Randle and playing alongside the injured star upon his return. This season, the Croatian wing has spent 40 percent of his time at small forward and about 60 percent of his time at power forward.

On defense, Bogdanovic has spent time defending both forward spots and even center. His second and third-most common matchups are Brook Lopez and Al Horford, two traditional centers.

While he hasn't been the best interior defender, playing in the Knicks' defensive scheme should only help his defensive prowess. He isn't the most agile on the perimeter, yet he moves his feet well to put himself in the right positions.

Another player with a hefty salary on an expiring contract, acquiring Bogdanovic's services would have been a difficult task for the Timberwolves. Nonetheless, the former Detroit wing would be a perfect fit in Minnesota. His off-the-dribble and standstill shooting adds tremendous value to any contending squad.

Additionally, Bogdanovic is a talented playoff performer. Before he went to Detroit, the former Utah Jazz wing averaged 18.0 points and shot above 46.5 percent in both years the Jazz made it to the playoffs.