6 Potential Timberwolves free agent targets with ties to Anthony Edwards

These players are all upcoming free agents with some sort of connection to Anthony Edwards.
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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4. Paul George

One of the bigger names across the entire NBA landscape leading up to this year's free agency period is Paul George. The large and skilled wing was brought to Los Angeles in 2019 to play alongside Kawhi Leonard. We have known for a long time that the 2019 Finals MVP was reportedly not even willing to play for the Clippers if George was not also guaranteed to be there playing alongside him.

That alone speaks to Paul's ability and how much trust a high-level player like Kawhi has in him. So even beyond what we see from PG on the court, it is obvious why he is seen as such a valued asset for so many teams seeking to acquire more talent this summer. Of course, his on-court production is nothing to sneeze at either, with George averaging at least 23 points per game in each of the last four seasons, earning All-Star bids in 2022-23 and 2023-24.

Paul recently went on his podcast and gave high praise to Anthony Edwards. He commented on Ant's statement that he will be the face of the league in "about two, three years," with George saying he thinks it will be less than that. Clearly, the multi-time All-Star has a high view of the Timberwolves' star. It would certainly take offloading one of Minnesota's larger contracts to make the money work, but PG could be excellent for the Wolves.