6 Potential Timberwolves free agent targets with ties to Anthony Edwards

These players are all upcoming free agents with some sort of connection to Anthony Edwards.
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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5. D'Angelo Russell

Another of Anthony Edwards' former Timberwolves teammates, D'Angelo Russell has been away from the organization since being traded to the Lakers at the 2023 trade deadline. During his time with the Wolves, there were recurring differences in opinion when evaluating his game and his value to the team. Some felt he took too many bad shots and dragged the team down, while others felt he was crucial to the team's mission.

When he was moved to the Lakers, D'Lo was put in a difficult situation by returning to the spotlight and having a lot of pressure to perform heaped on him. When the team struggled, much of the blame was frequently placed on him, fairly or unfairly. Some Wolves fans may balk at the thought, but it is possible he could have a place on the roster in Minnesota once again.

It has been proven that Mike Conley is the best option for this team's starting point guard. So where does that leave us? Russell could be an excellent sixth man if he is willing to accept the role. Putting D'Lo in the game off the bench would allow him to score and playmake with potentially higher efficiency. At the end of the day, he could be one of the team's better options that is affordable.