6 Potential Timberwolves free agent targets with ties to Anthony Edwards

These players are all upcoming free agents with some sort of connection to Anthony Edwards.
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards
Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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6. Russell Westbrook

The final player on our list is another unfairly criticized player that was shunned by the Lakers. Russell Westbrook may not be the player he once was, but he can still contribute at a high level given the proper role to operate in. Looking at more options for a facilitating backup point guard, Russ could be a sneaky good option.

The former MVP made a living by becoming one of the best all-around players of a generation. Breaking Oscar Robertson's triple double record that was once thought impossible to surpass, Westbrook showed how he could affect the game in a multitude of ways at his absolute peak. Since then, age has obviously been a big factor in his decline, but he has also been placed into unfavorable positions.

Playing with the Lakers, Westbrook was being asked to create more offense than he was capable of at the time, and he was scapegoated for the team's struggles. Last season with the Clippers, he was set to thrive with the team for a second consecutive season until James Harden arrived in town. In the proper situation, he could very well be useful yet again.

Russ' connection to Anthony Edwards comes through him being yet another player to recognize the greatness of the young star. In January, Westbrook acknowledged how hard it is to get better year after year in the NBA, and noted that he sees Edwards doing that. Russ could be an excellent mentor to Ant as he enters the twilight of his career.