7 trade targets to bolster the Timberwolves' bench

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1. Malcolm Brogdon

The Timberwolves lack a steady hand to pilot the second unit and a lethal shooter. Malcolm Brogdon provides both. Brogdon's current fit on the upstart Portland Trail Blazers feels off. The former Celtic is coming off a Sixth Man of the Year campaign where he appeared in 19 playoff games.

Now, on a young Blazers squad, Brogdon's contributions are flying under the radar. He's averaging 14.7 points and 5.1 assists on 43.2 percent shooting. The Blazers' guard is also Mike Conley-esque, nailing 41.3 percent of his triples and turning the ball over less than 1.5 times per game.

His contributions to Portland have been invaluable. The Trail Blazers are nearly 11 points per 100 possessions better with Brogdon on the floor. He's equally as important on offense as he is defense.

Luckily for the rest of the NBA, Brogdon's services aren't necessary in Portland. The Blazers are the third youngest squad in the association, a timeline the 31-year-old Brogdon doesn't fit. A trade to acquire more youth seems to be on the horizon in Portland.

Similar to Jordan Clarkson, Brogdon would add shooting and playmaking to the Minnesota roster. However, Brogdon is a capable defender who plays with far more efficiency. Despite being assisted on less than 25 percent of his twos and 75 percent of his threes, he's shooting above 40 percent from the field.

The Trail Blazers combo guard does a fine job of scoring with and without the ball. He's the ultimate chess piece, on offense and defense. More than 10 percent of his shot attempts are coming from each zone on the floor.

Brogdon is the only Trail Blazer with a box plus/minus over 1.0, at 1.7. He's contributed most to the Trail Blazers success this season. Although it may seem off-putting to trade a player of Brogdon's caliber, the season is already lost in Portland.