Grading 4 Timberwolves trade deadline targets from no-brainer to must-avoid

Breaking down several potential Timberwolves trade targets by desirability.
Kyle Lowry, Jordan McLaughlin, Minnesota Timberwolves
Kyle Lowry, Jordan McLaughlin, Minnesota Timberwolves / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports
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Bones Hyland - Semi must-avoid

A young and fiery scoring guard, Bones Hyland has exciting upside. With that said, he does not make a whole lot of sense in Minnesota right now. The Timberwolves are in need of a backup guard, but Bones does not exactly bring everything to the table they are looking for.

Hyland is still young and raw for the most part. He has been buried in a deep Clippers rotation and has barely seen the floor for them this season.

Oddly enough, that was not always the plan for him this year. Back in October, Hyland was actually playing around 25 minutes per night and averaging 16 points per game for LA.

James Harden arriving in town changed everything for him. With the three-time scoring champion inserted into the rotation and Terance Mann eventually returning to the starting lineup, Hyland found himself without much playing time to speak of.

After having an issue with his playing time while with the Denver Nuggets, Bones likely feels like he is in the same boat once again. However, it is unlikely the Timberwolves would be able to provide him with the opportunity he is looking for. As Minnesota looks to make a championship push, they would be best to pursue a veteran.