Grading 4 Timberwolves trade deadline targets from no-brainer to must-avoid

Breaking down several potential Timberwolves trade targets by desirability.
Kyle Lowry, Jordan McLaughlin, Minnesota Timberwolves
Kyle Lowry, Jordan McLaughlin, Minnesota Timberwolves / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports
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Kyle Lowry - Absolute must-avoid

Even though the Wolves would likely be best suited signing a veteran, not all vets are created equal. Kyle Lowry may be a big name around the association due to his success on multiple playoff teams over the course of his career, but Minnesota should not be fooled. Lowry is not the answer for this group.

Getting up there in age, Kyle will be 38 next month. Some players can outperform their age, but Lowry is not one of them. In 37 games and 28 minutes per night with the Miami Heat this season, he was putting up 8.2 points and four assists a game. Even with the eye test, he just looks like a guy who doesn't have it anymore.

Lowry was dealt to the Charlotte Hornets in the Terry Rozier trade, but he will reportedly not play a game in Charlotte. The Hornets are actively looking to re-route him for draft capital and/or additional players. He may be gettable for a low price, but the Timberwolves should be wary of biting.

The vet guard may provide a few productive minutes here and there, but Minnesota can do better. Frankly, they have to aim higher than Lowry if they are to truly make a push for a championship this season.