Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 up, 2 down from dominant win over shorthanded Grizzlies

PG Mike Conley during Sunday's win versus the Grizzlies
PG Mike Conley during Sunday's win versus the Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Two Down

4. Shake Milton- PG: six points, three assists, two rebounds

Milton did not necessarily play awful, but Timberwolves fans are still waiting for a breakout game from the sixth-year guard. After displaying high-level scoring ability and playmaking during his time on the 76ers, the skills have not quite translated to his role in a Timberwolves uniform, and this game was another recent example of a decent but not great game from Milton. Here is hoping he will figure it out soon, as lack of playmaking off the bench was a big factor in the Timberwolves' playoff losses to the Denver Nuggets last season, and Milton will need to be that guy come playoff time or risk losing minutes

5. (Grizzlies)Jaylen Nowell- SG: four points, five rebounds

Since no one else on the Timberwolves had enough of a down game to put them in this section, I figured we glance over at a polarizing former Wolf. Last season, Jaylen Nowell was supposed to be a potential 6th man of the year candidate for the Timberwolves after an under-rated 2021-2022 season. However, Nowell's perception in the fanbase quickly shifted, as the now fifth-year guard had a horribly inefficient season, coupled with a slew of reports saying Nowell was unhappy with his role with the team, leading to an almost diva-like personality on and off the court, eventually leading to the Timberwolves not even offering him a minimum contract in free agency. Nowell was only signed by the Grizzlies THREE DAYS AGO on a 10-day hardship contract, and even with five of the Grizzlies' top players out, is failing to make an impact. There may still be time for Nowell to turn his career around, but if he keeps displaying the same shot-chucking hero ball tendencies he had on the Timberwolves, he may not be long for the league.