5 Timberwolves who could be traded before the deadline

These Timberwolves could be on the move before the Feb. 8 trade deadline.
Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Anderson, Anthony Edwards
Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Anderson, Anthony Edwards / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Naz Reid

Minnesota has three outstanding centers and not enough playing time for everyone. Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert are averaging nearly 33 minutes apiece, which has limited Reid to just 22.1 per game. The 24-year-old is averaging 12.6 points and 4.4 rebounds while shooting over 50 percent from the field and 39.7 percent on his 3-point attempts in his limited run.

Reid signed a three-year $41.9 million extension to stay in Minnesota in June. The final year is a player option, but he is making just $12.9 million this season and $13.9 million in 2025. If some team believes he can maintain his production in an expanded role, Reid could become a valued commodity ahead of the deadline.

The 6’9 big man is a fan favorite and loves Minnesota. He does not want to be traded, and the Timberwolves view him as a key piece. Reid provides safety if Karl-Anthony Towns or Rudy Gobert go down with an injury and is playing quality minutes next to them.

Naz Reid is the fifth-highest-paid player on their roster this season. His contract should have value for any team that needs a big man, and the 24-year-old has not reached his ceiling. He could be a key salary-matcher in a trade if the Minnesota Timberwolves can find someone making around $20 million per season.