5 Flaws that could crush Timberwolves' playoff dreams

The Timberwolves will make a quick postseason exit if the opposition exploits their weaknesses.
Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns
Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Conley and KAT injuries

An ill-timed injury can take down any contender. Look no further than the Bucks losing in the first round last season or the Celtics stumbling against the Heat after Jayson Tatum was hobbled. Injuries are impossible to predict, but the Wolves are already dealing with a potential game-changer.

Karl-Anthony Towns returned to his All-Star form and was outstanding before suffering a knee injury on March 4. He had surgery to repair his meniscus and was ruled out for four weeks. KAT will likely miss the remainder of the regular season but could return for the playoffs. There are zero guarantees. Minnesota needs all of its best players if they plan on making a run.

The Wolves are also relying heavily on Mike Conley. The 36-year-old point guard has been healthy this season but played just 305 total games over a six-season stretch from 2016 to 2021. Minnesota cannot afford to have Conley go down. He is a steady hand to run their offense and create in clutch moments.

Playing without one of their starters could sink the Minnesota Timberwolves. They need to get KAT back on the floor and keep the others healthy. It won’t be easy, and there are certainly no guarantees.