Timberwolves' projected starting lineup, depth chart with Monte Morris

The Timberwolves added a needed point guard before the trade deadline, but how does that change their depth chart?
Minnesota Timberwolves, Monte Morris
Minnesota Timberwolves, Monte Morris / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Timberwolves depth chart: PF

When Tim Connelly and the Timberwolves traded for Rudy Gobert, there were significant questions about Karl-Anthony Towns playing the four. The four-time All-Star was a center and had to make a significant shift. Minnesota is proving he is capable and the team is a contender with KAT and Gobert in the frontcourt.

Starter: Karl-Anthony Towns

Towns is back to being an All-Star as he averages 22.7 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game. He is shooting 51.7 percent from the field, 43.7 percent on his threes, and 87.4 percent from the foul line this season. KAT is an elite offensive weapon and needs to keep it up in the playoffs if the Wolves are going to make a run.

Backup: Kyle Anderson

Anderson has been a disappointment this season. His minutes and production are down. The 6’9 forward has never been a shooter, but he has made just 19.4 percent of his 31 attempts. Minnesota needed his playmaking in their second unit, but Slo Mo has otherwise been underwhelming this season.

The Wolves roster is about to get significantly more expensive, and Anderson is in the final year of his contract. Does Minnesota bring him back after a disappointing year? Given their luxury tax concerns, it is a difficult question that will be answered this summer.

Third-string: Leonard Miller

The 2023 second-round pick needs time. He is playing well in the G League, including averaging 22.0 points and 10.3 rebounds per game, but the 20-year-old is not ready for a consistent NBA role. His potential remains, but the Timberwolves must continue developing him.