NBA 3-Point Contest prediction: Does Towns bring home another trophy?

2022 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest
2022 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Analyzing each Contestant

Here, each of the eight contestants will be analyzed by detailing their 3-point marksmanship, and pointing out their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the contest itself.

Malik Beasley

3-point percentage: 44.9%

Beasley is averaging the least amount of points of the bunch. However, nearly three-fourths of his looks are coming from beyond the arc. He's nailing 2.9 of his 6.4 triples per game. The Milwaukee sharpshooter is tied for 10th in the association with 156 threes made this season. Of the top ten, he ranks first with his near-45-percent conversion rate.

What will help Beasley is his accuracy on catch-and-shoot attempts. This season, the Bucks guard is shooting 47.2 percent on his standstill triples. And when he's wide open, that number rises to an incredible 52.8 percent from beyond the arc.

Although Beasley is a confident catch-and-shoot sniper, he does elevate quite high on his jump shots. Despite having a consistent base, his elevation may lead to shooter fatigue in the minute-plus contest.

Jalen Brunson

3-point percentage: 41.1%

Not necessarily known as a 3-point marksman, New York's Brunson is knocking down a career-high 2.7 triples per game. His 41.1 percent clip is the second-highest rate of his career. This year, only 13.5 percent of Brunson's looks are off the catch. He's connecting on 44.9 percent on those standstill opportunities.

Brunson's confidence from beyond the arc is at an all-time high. Before signing with the Knicks, he had never shot more than 3.2 triples per game. While he typically shoots off the dribble, his release and stance are consistent. He's typically straight up unless he's looking for contact.

He's improved from beyond the arc, but he still prefers to score off the dribble, especially in the mid-range or near the paint. As a ball-dominant, smaller player, the former Wildcat tends to use dribble moves to create space which does not bode well in the 3-point contest.

Tyrese Haliburton

3-point percentage: 40.0%

Haliburton has continued his ascension from all-star to superstar. He's one of the best passers in the NBA, but also one of the premier shooters. The Pacers' floor general has made at least two 3-pointers per game in every season of his career.

This season, only about 12 percent of Haliburton's 3-point looks are off the catch. Of those attempts, he's cashed in on 44.9 percent, just a tick up from his overall 3-point percentage. Although he doesn't launch a ton of standstill triples, he's perfect for the 3-point contest.

Haliburton's funky shot bodes well for the 3-point shootout. His release is quick, his base is solid, and he lacks any sort of elevation. It's a tad nitpicky, but Haliburton's only real concern is the lack of standstill triples he shoots.

Damian Lillard

3-point percentage: 34.4%

One of the best shooters of all time, Lillard has severely underperformed on the shooting front this season. Lillard is shooting just 34.4 percent on his 3-point looks this year. While it's not a career-low, the percentage is still concerning.

As a member of the Bucks, he's surprisingly not shooting the most catch-and-shoot triples of his career. But for some reason, he's shooting a low percentage on his standstill looks. On the year, Lillard is shooting just 34.2 percent on no-dribble threes.

What bodes well for the Bucks' star is his 3-point contest experience. He's one of two winners participating and will compete in the 3-point shootout for the fourth time. Plus, he's a long-ball specialist with a knack for deep treys.

Lauri Markkanen

3-point percentage: 40.4%

A 3-point marksman and a superb scorer, Utah's Markkanen will compete in the 3-point contest for the second consecutive season. A season ago, the Jazz forward narrowly missed out on the final round, scoring 20 points in the first session.

Unlike the aforementioned players, Markkanen is shooting a majority of his looks off the catch. This season, nearly half of the Finnish forward's 3-point attempts come without a dribble. On those attempts, he's shooting a notch above his overall 3-point percentage at 41.7 percent.

The 3-point contest suits Markkanen well. It's to be expected that the Utah All-Star improves during his second time around. He has a quick release, can shoot it from deep, and keeps a consistent, shoulder-width base on his attempts from beyond the arc.

Donovan Mitchell

3-point percentage: 36.1%

Fourth in the NBA in points per game, Mitchell is appearing in his second-career 3-point contest. He finished fourth in his first appearance in 2021. Mitchell's 3-point marksmanship is on par with his previous seasons. He's canning 3.3 of his 9.1 triples per game.

Of all participants, the Cavaliers' star is shooting the second-lowest percentage at 36.1 percent. He's shooting just a tad bit better on standstill triples. On his catch-and-shoot looks Mitchell is clearing 37.7 percent of his attempts.

Although he's more of a pure scorer, Mitchell is a volume shooter from downtown. He is comfortable hoisting up attempt after attempt, but he's more of an off-the-dribble shooter. His high elevation will make it more difficult to keep a consistent form.

Karl-Anthony Towns

3-point percentage: 43.6%

About a third of all Towns' attempts are standstill triples. He's shooting a remarkable 44.5 percent on such looks. It just gets better whenever Towns is wide open. On attempts with no defender within six feet, he's connecting on nearly 50 percent of those shots.

In 2022, Towns won the 3-point contest. That year, he scored 22 points in the first round before recording 29 in round two. The Timberwolves big man is built for the 3-point contest. His jump shot offers no wasted movement and he hardly elevates at all.

While he might not be a favorite to win, Towns is a surefire candidate. His spot-up comfortability and sound shooting mechanics alleviate concerns for fatigue and Inconsistency.

Trae Young

3-point percentage: 37.1%

Essentially a Steph Curry-lite, Young is a long-distance maestro. He doesn't take the easiest shots, yet he's a deadeye from beyond the arc. The Hawks floor general is nailing 37.1 percent of his 9.0 triples per game.

It's typically considered easy to shoot threes off-the-catch, however Young prefers to launch his triples off the dribble. An astounding 40.4 percent of his looks come after seven dribbles. On those looks, he's shooting 42.4 percent from downtown.

The Oklahoma product certainly passes the eye test, but he's a much better rhythm shooter. He can easily heat up as he shoots more, nevertheless, Young is more comfortable after coming off a pick or taking a few dribbles.