Ranking Timberwolves free agents by likelihood to return next season

Minnesota will have multiple free agents this summer, and some are more likely to return to the team next season than others.
Luka Garza, Kenneth Lofton Jr.
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More likely to stay - Kyle Anderson

Playing in the second season of his two-year deal with the Timberwolves last season, Kyle Anderson was largely a disappointment in terms of his counting stats and overall production. Slo-Mo's play was a letdown in spite of the fantastic season the team as a whole enjoyed. And in the end, most fans probably only had such high hopes for him based on what he was able to do in the previous season.

In 2022-23, Anderson had one of the best seasons of his career with the Wolves. Being thrust into an unexpected starting role following Karl-Anthony Towns' injury, Kyle appeared in the starting five for 46 games, providing a massive lift during a time where the team's depth was shot. He shot a career-high 41% from behind the three-point arc to lead the team. All this led to plenty of excitement for his second year in Minnesota.

But not many were aware that Slo-Mo's April 2023 eye injury was still affecting him all throughout the 2023-24 season. That was a large reason why he had such a down year, as he played well below his standards. With cautious optimism of his return to normal, the Timberwolves should be eager to get him back on the roster for somewhere around the $9 million annual salary he was earning before.