Ranking Timberwolves free agents by likelihood to return next season

Minnesota will have multiple free agents this summer, and some are more likely to return to the team next season than others.
Luka Garza, Kenneth Lofton Jr.
Luka Garza, Kenneth Lofton Jr. / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
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Most likely to leave - T.J. Warren

For most of the season, Minnesota sat at the top of the Western Conference thanks to their deep and talented roster. All the pieces General Manager Tim Connelly had put together fit exceptionally well with one another, and the Wolves' process was streamlined and laid out clearly. Not many major additions were really needed over the course of the season.

But even the best teams will always keep an open mind and seek to make small, low-cost additions where appropriate to round out the edges and make minor improvements. That is exactly what the Timberwolves did when they signed T.J. Warren to consecutive 10-day contracts back in March, before ultimately inking him to a deal for the rest of the year.

Warren had not been on an NBA roster since the previous season in the 2022-23 season, and he was understandably a bit rusty. T.J. put up just 3.7 points per night and participated in just 11 contests in Minnesota. He is another player that simply fell victim to the Timberwolves' depth, and his talent was not enough to warrant getting bigger minutes.

Warren was making below the veteran minimum this past season, so it is not like re-signing him would cost a fortune. But considering what he brought to the table, it simply feels more likely Minnesota goes in another direction this summer.