Rob Dillingham reveals which Timberwolves player reached out to him after draft

One player from Minnesota reached out to Rob Dillingham after he was selected eighth overall in the draft.
Rob Dillingham, Minnesota Timberwolves
Rob Dillingham, Minnesota Timberwolves / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves hosted an introductory press conference for their newly-drafted rookies on Wednesday. Rob Dillingham and Terrence Shannon Jr. were on hand to make their first public appearance since the draft. Chris Finch and Tim Connelly were there as well to give their statements and answer questions from the media.

During the event, one question directed at Dillingham was regarding how he had been welcomed to the organization and who specifically had reached out to him. Rob was quick to note that Mike Conley was one of the first current Timberwolves players to reach out to him.

Of course, for those who know Mike and his character, this is far from surprising. Conley took home the NBA's teammate of the year award this past season for a reason. The level of camaraderie he creates with his team is top-notch, and things are no different for an incoming, newly-drafted player.

Mike Conley reached out to Dillingham

This obviously reinforces what Wolves fans already knew about Mike, but it also must feel like a tremendous lift for a youngster like Rob Dillingham. He stated in the press conference that he did not think he would be playing for a contender like Minnesota right away, so having one of the team's most important players reach out like this had to have been reassuring.

There should be little doubt that relationships between the new rookies and the seasoned veterans in the locker room are already being forged. Conley's eagerness to make the new guys feel welcome is a big indicator of this, and should reinforce fans' belief in this team and their overall chemistry.